Many Expressions
One Church

Core Values Series

A teaching series covering our core values throughout the fall - every Sunday at the Network Gathering.

Fall Retreat

Join us for a restful community getaway
September 20-22 | Registration closes September 9th


The Church At Network is a church community in Houston, TX, gathering around God and seeking unity & wholeness in the body of Christ through an interdependent network of micro-churches.

You're Invited

Join us every week as we gather together for worship, teaching, fellowship & a meal.

Sundays | 4:30pm | Riverside UMC Gym

About Us

Our heart at the Church At Network is to unify the church in a refreshing way that echoes back to the early church (Acts 2:42-47) - simple & reproducable church gatherings, breaking bread, sharing resources, and gathering together as a larger body. 'Church' is not a building, service, or organization -

It is US (1 Corinthians 3:16). We strive to BE the church. With this understanding, we aim to connect existing local churches as well as plant simple micro-churches, embracing unique histories, passions, and identities while gathering around God together as a unified and diverse body.

The Church At Network is not a 'parent' or 'umbrella' organization, but instead a collaboration of autonomous local churches to seek and worship God together while participating in an active, relational culture of unity, simplicity, collaboration, sharing, and empowerment of every believer – like a 'web' or series of connections. We are a network of churches being the church where they're at.

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